Status: Demolished

“Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.”
-Pablo Picasso

Here is the current state of the front foyer and stairs.  Soon the stairs themselves will be gone to make way for brand new treads, handrail, newell post, etc. A new electric heater is also going in this area to keep it warm and toasty.  It’s not visible in the picture, but also being replaced is the entire front entryway (behind the photographer) with a brand new custom-designed front door, side lights, and patterned-glass transom. This will also include new front steps and railing.  Quite a big project, and I’m glad we’re leaving this one to a contractor and not tackling it ourselves.

Maybe by March this part of the house will be usable again — depending on how fast the contractor gets the job done.  In the mean time, we’re using the back stairs (which will be featured in more detail in the next blog post!).


And here is what’s left of what was the upstairs kitchen and its unusable bathroom in the rear-right corner there.  This will eventually be rebuilt into our new master bedroom with walk-in closet and wardrobe wall.  A new en-suite bathroom will be added in what is now the upstairs “middle room” (not pictured here, but it’s the room directly behind where the photographer is standing that links this room to the rest of the 2nd floor of the house).  That back door is what leads downstairs directly to the back door and kitchen through a convenient back stairway.


So as you can see, things are pretty messy right now, and about 30% or so of the house is un an uninhabitable state. But these will surely be beautiful spaces when they’re complete.

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