Kitchen Remodel Progress

One great thing about buying a 2-family house is that we can use the upstairs kitchen while we work on the long process of remodeling what will be our actual house kitchen down on the first floor. Here’s what the downstairs kitchen looked like when it was occupied:


As you can see, the rear pantry is oddly closed off, and the door leading into the dining room is small and not compatible with actually having a refrigerator in that corner. Enlarging and moving that door over, and completely opening up the kitchen into the rear pantry are the two main changes we’re making to the room:


But there was a pretty big surprise when we started ripping down the old plaster and drywall on what will be the cabinet wall of the kitchen:


What you see there in the window frame, underneath the replacement window, is a hole leading directly out to the exterior vinyl siding. The previous owner and his ever-so-skilled workers replaced a large window with a smaller one (so that cabinets could go in front) by hastily rigging a new rough sill across the opening, tacking it in place, and then just covering the hole with nothing more than a few square feet of fiberglass insulation and a sheet of drywall. Tom Silva (of This Old House fame) even chimed in on twitter when Kristin shared the “surprise”:


As you can see in this previous blog post, the siding on the outside wasn’t even attached underneath the window. This meant that the entire inside of the drywall and framing of the kitchen was nearly open to the elements. Thankfully I discovered the siding deficiency back in september and filled the whole gap with an entire can of Great Stuff ™ foam. Were it not for copious amounts of Great Stuff back then, I’m not sure what water damage we would have discovered in that wall.

At any rate, the demolition is now complete, the window has been reframed enough to be stable, and the door has been resized and moved. Also the electrical is roughed in and at this point we’re just waiting for time to rent a pick up truck and go to the Home Depot to pick up copious amounts of drywall to hang:


The cabinets are picked out (from Ikea), and the appliances are actually already ordered and should be arriving by the end of August — so we should have some pictures of a beautifully finished kitchen in not too long!

3 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Progress

  1. theminlaw

    I promise you that NO ONE (other than the home owners!) is as excited about your kitchen remodel than I am! Of course, at this point, I don’t think anyone has used your kitchens more than you have. Good luck with the drywall!



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