More Progress: Bedroom #1

Anyone familiar with this house will probably list the upstairs front room as their favorite room and/or the best room in the house, and I would certainly agree.  The initial plan was for this room to be a guest room while the rear upstairs bedroom would be the temporary master bedroom (temporary only until we get to the point of remaking the upstairs kitchen into the new master suite).  Unfortunately, a mishap with the previous tenants and some fireworks and a (thankfully) abortive arson investigation made the rear upstairs bedroom unusable.  Actually, I’m happy that this became the master bedroom for now because the size, streaming sunlight, and condition of the room make it fantastic.

Since this room was already in decent shape (thanks in part to the excellent paint color choice and the excellent history of people who lived in it), the before and after pictures aren’t so striking.  We repainted it with a slightly less-bright yellow, but the color is a great match for such a sunny room.  Although this was the first room in the house that reached “finished” condition (even before we moved in), here are the first photos of it on this blog. Excuse the slight jigginess of the panoramic photo artifacts — that window and its curtains really are quite straight and nice:



It still needs some art and pictures and decorations on the walls (like the rest of the house), but all in all a pretty nice space.

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