More Progress: Gym

From our home inspection, I learned that we aren’t legally able to use the finished, climate-controlled attic (two fairly large rooms) as bedrooms, or lease it out, as the previous owner was doing. Right now the rear attic is just storage, but someday it could be an office/hobby space. The front attic, however, was a great place to put a gym/fitness room. So far it includes a rowing machine, TV/stereo with Xbox/kinect, weights, floor pads, and some other gym-like things.

As I said, the previous owner was renting out these rooms illegally, and here is the “before” picture when the room was still occupied:


And here is how it looks now. We kept the sparkly circle art in the back right corner, and the purple ceiling with gold spray-paint embellishment because they are cool, and as a nod to the former resident(s):


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