Hidden Gems

So here are a couple of “hidden gems” we’ve found already in the new (old) house.


First of all, check out this monstrous plaster ceiling medallion in the downstairs front room.  It has one huge crack in it, but is otherwise in decent shape.  Of course, the rest of that ceiling is completely falling apart due to the fact that the drop ceiling was just tied up to the lathe and the celing fan was hanging from a 4×4 sitting on top of the drop ceiling.  It’s going to take a lot of work to re-construct and replaster that room, but the medallion will be a nice reward.


And here is a groovy looking push-button switch on the way down to the basement.  I shudder to think what type of crusty wiring awaits when I pull that plate off the wall, but these buttons make the most satisfying click you could imagine.  I hope to find some place/way to incorporate the switch into the house (just with some more modern wiring) eventually.


And this gem is more of a turd, actually.  I’m not sure how you could fail worse to install siding, there’s actually a large horizontal gap underneath the first floor kitchen window that’s probably been letting water, ice, and snow in between the siding and the structure for years.  I’m sure there will be all sorts of unpleasantness underneath there when the siding and exterior work commences next year.  For now though, there is no water damage on the sill there, the foundation is good, and the inside of that wall is ok.  So a bottle of “great stuff” foam has sealed it up until we hire the siding and exterior work contractors after winter.


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